A about the Giant Kangaroo.#1

It’s the most popular animal in Australia. This is a big marsupial of the kangaroo family. This animal occurs in the West and South of Australia. They like living in wetlands.

This animal has a small head and big ears. The kangaroo has short front paws and long feet. Average body length is 1,5 -1,8 m. Body is coveret with soft short hair. The hair colour is brown – grey with white stomach. Strong tail helps in jumping. Kangaroo has a phenomenal eyesight hearing and smeel. 
This kangaroo eats only plants for example leaves, grass and herbs. Sometimes they pasture with domestic animals.

Kangaroo is a national symbol of Australia. This animal lives only in Australia. Their image is on Australian banknotes and emblem of the country.

Kangaroos are the only animals that jump when moving. Adult kangaroo is called buck boomer or jack, female is doe, flyer or jill.

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