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This is my second post and I want to tell you something about the culture, the diversity of people food, religion and traditions.


28th of October 1886, Grover Cleveland unveiled to Statue of Liberty. It was a gift from French for American. This gesture symbolizes freedom people from another country.

America is very diversified country in all respects. There live people from all the world eg. China, Poland, Germany, Mexico and England. 
Each one of them has diffrent behaviour, fests and culture. Freedom and human rigts are treated really seriously. The government care about their populace. Sometimes come to judging things at court.
Mostly everybody feels good and easygoing. Americans are always or almost always smiling.

American are very tolerant nation. You can wear it what do you want. Nobody laught at other people who have crazy clothes or funny hairstyle. Even when will you wear pajamas and will you go to the shop, anyone point you out.

In big cities townspeople don't look at traffic lights.They go along and don't care about that they can cause an accident.

There isn't jokeing about terroism, beacuse this is important thing for American.
You can't drink an alcohol in public places.
People don't ask about a payment.

Turkey Day, Halloween, Independence Day, Black Friday...

The most important fest in USA is Independence Day celebrate 4th of July. American count this date as the birth of the United States. In the country are oragnized parades, festivals, concerts and baseball matches. People spend time on a barbeque, with family or in the funfair.
President meets with veterans and their families. Politician speak patriotic speeches.


On Turkey Day American meet together for a formal dinner.They always eat traditional dishes eg. turkey with bread filling, cranberry sauce, pasta with cheese, green beans, Brussels sprouts and cakes.
Before the dinner people will say their appreciation for God.
They celbrate on the fourth Thursday of November.


Halloween in New York City
See yourself! 

Black Friday 
is really terrible day. Everywere are people and sometimes they're fighting. This is a shopping season before Christmas. Promotions come to - 70%
People are crazy.


The most popular American food:

hot dog, hamburger, buffalo, buffalo wings, brownies, apple pie, chicken pot pie, banana bread, cornbread, cheeseburger, corn dog, fudge, goetta, grilled pizza, jambalaya, moon pie, twinkie, whoopie dog and sloppy joe.

Americans usually eat three meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, supper.
 Traditional American breakfast can be" pancakes, bacon eggs, orange juice and coffee

Lunch is a meal were people eat sanwiches and fast food.
Dinner and Supper are meals which consist of a minimum three hot dishes.

But remember:  American food is quite caloric and unhealthy.

Thank you!

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