Delicious killers

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Fizzy drinks, fast food and sweets are a danger for us. 
I've been looking for information about sugary products, and there are the most important things you should know.

What is hiding in candy? Types of sugar:
 high-fructose corn syrup - Sweetener made from corn starch. Devoid of goddnes. Composed of 55% glucose, 42% fructose, 3% others.
saccharose - Complex of fructose and glucose. Made from sugar beet and sugar cane. Devoid of vitamins.

The purpose of sugar :
In factories workers usually use corn syrup. The texture of this sugar is ideal, beacuse during production  we can mix all ingredients easily. 
Saccharose is a common white or brown sugar. We use it everyday for example we add it to tea or cakes. 

Disease and unpleasant effects:
Addiction of tasty sweet products makes people obese, agressive. They get fat and toot decay. Sugar cause diabetes, and is killing slowly.

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