Trends #1

When I’m thinking about this fall I see a girl in red dress. Why?

 Red is probably the most stylish colour of this season. You can wear it in diverse options. As we can see in a photo designer propose a dress, but red is everywhere – t-shirts, skirts and of course coats. 

Let’s think about future.  We could wear red dress practically always, for a grandmum’s birthday or even Christma’s  Eve.  If you aren’t sure about how you feeling in this colour – you have to try! At first I recommend a t-shirt or a scarf. These things are very cheap and it’s perfect opportunity to check how you look in red.  In my opinion you fall in love with #colourofseason. Why? People with pale skin in red colour look awesome just like Little Red Riding Hood. People with a bit darkest skin look like Penelope Cruz or other glamorous Latina women.  Would you try?