1# Avocado like a treatment

Avocados have fat It sounds as a liar, but let me tell you more about this special fruit. Unsaturated fat reduces cholesterol, blood pressure and prevents atherosclerotic disease. People need balance in their bodies. We should support organs work.

Natural witamins are protecting sight, gastrointestinal system and heart.  I bet you didn't know how good for your health can be fruit. People often use avocado to make an oil, which we can find inside expensive conditioners and beauty products. It moisturizes skin,and help her stay bouncy. That oil complete deficit in epidermis, and stimulate the growth of hair.

Moreover this green fruit helps you losing kilograms. Vegatable oil is better than animals. Once in a while  this little change make us metabolic rate work faster. Of course fat content in 100 grams of avocado is 15 grams. Implement avocado to your bill of fare with care, and be prudent about eating this too much. Below I set recipe for ideal breakfast with our treatment. 

 Garlic avocado spread

 - 1 clove garlic, minced
- 1 medium ripe avocado, without pit
- 1 teaspoon of leomn juice
- sea salt, black pepper, to taste
- crushed red pepper

Mash with fork avocado. Add lemon juice and garlic, mixed all together gently. Apply spread on the slice of granary bread, season with alt and pepper. Serve immediately.

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