4# Sweet sweets - dried fruits

This is the last post about healthy and popular products on the store shelves.
Dried: cranberries, plums, apricots, figs and dates usually are in  breakfast musli and cakes,
But the best way to take all godnes of these fruit is eating this alone like a snack. 
They have a lots of natural sugar and added during processing. However dried fruits without any more additives can help gastrointestial system work better.

These products have lots of high fiber. This is the main reason why we should often eat raisins and plums. Fiber is a booster for digesitive system, thanks to this it can run smoothly.
Antioxidants in dates and figs fihts with heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes and degenerative diseases of brain. Dried fruits contains little no to fat. Also significat dose after exhausting workout or run immediately supplement of energy and glucose. Athlets and fitness coaches take all benefits for that fruits, and stay active until old age. Moreover if you eat scantily potassium, so this food can complete your deficiences.

To sum up take dried fruits to school or work. Eat it for a lunch or after dinner just like a snack.
Choose the best brand of your favorite mixture. You mustn't eat dried fruits with lots of unnecessary sweetner. Add brazilian an other nuts to your lunch box. Healthy fats and natural carbohydrates is a good idea for a meal. Be aware in your choices, beacuse too much dried fruits influence for us like a big cup of sugar. 

Of course you can prepare you own dried fruit mix. Buy bananas, plums, strawberries ( diffrent flavours, colors and aromas looks tastier). Don't try to drying apples, beacuse it's toilsome. It takes you many hours till the all water evaporates. Here you are a clue concern dired fruits.


Your Maggie.
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