Always look great just like... French

Have you ever been in Paris? Or have you ever seen a French girl? Parisians are legend if we talk about style and look. Usually woman with pale, flawless skin and brown or dark blond hair. They are slim and tall. It's creation from films, Instagram and billboards. Of course it's example of typical french beauty. In Poland most of girls are Slavs, but just part of them have hair in colour of wheat. Frenchy girl accepted how they look and they feel great with it. All the secret! 

But I want to tell you about Parisians style. Yes, about style from insta. How to look like one of girls pose next to Eiffel Tower? 
1. Ponytail or no frisour. Look 'I didn't spend hours on doing make-up and frisour' is very popular. There are some days when Parisians don't comb their hair at all. 
2. Don't be afraid of your look. Wear favourite T-shirt, comfortable jeans or pretty skirt. You look good, when you feel good. You don't have to have a dress from Zara's or H&M's new collection.
3. Always choose a coat, jumper or jacket. It makes your look much better, you feel comfortable and you don't have to afraid of rain or wind. Every extra element is trace that your outfit is... very trendy and slated. 
4. Try to have smile on your mouth. Happy person is beautiful person. Don't forget about it!

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