Australian Coala. #2

This is a marsupial from Coala family. This animal lives on trees and eats only plants. It prefers eucalyptus leaves, which are full of water and minerals. Its place of living is east Australia. Coala lives alone or is small groups. One male and a few females.

Coala isn’t very big it is 60-85 cm tall and weights 8-15 kilograms. It’s life expectancy is up to 20 years. You can see Coala along Queensland coast of New South Wale or Victoria. This animal is a nocturnal species.

It looks like small bear. It has got soft grey fur, black nose and small around black eyes. It has a white collar. It’s got short and thick tail which help him to sit in trees. Coala has got long and catch claws that help him to climb trees. When Coala is in danger it can swim well.

They are born blind and hairless. They weight about 1 gram and they stay in their mothers pouch for 6 months. Coalas drink only mothers milk for first 5 months.

This animal is in danger of extinction. It is also the national symbol of Australia. 

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