Australian Echidna.#4

This animal has fur and spikes. It likes eating  insect very much. Echidna has a special tongue to catch them Echidna has strong feet and claws. Thanks to then this animal quickly digs in the ground. When Echidna is in danger it can swim well. In winter this animal hibernates.

Echidna isn’t very big it is 30-45 cm tall and weights 2-7 kilograms. It has very small ears and eyes. It has short spikes about 50 mm long. Echidna has brown or black fur and yellow spikes. It has a phenomenal smell.

This animal occurs throughout the continent. It can dive under water and it can survive the flood. It’s similar to hedgehog. When it is in danger it rolls into a ball. Echidna may carry a lot big of fleas, they are 4 mm big.

What is so interesting these animals are mammals but their offsprings are born from eggs.

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