Bungee jumping

Hello everyone

Today I will to introduce you Bungee jumping.They were formed on the island of Pen-tacos, the inhabitants of this island were jumping with a rope tied to the cubes of bamboo buildings to prove their masculinity.

Bungee jumping consists of jumping from a height on a flexible rope made of rubber fibers, usually attached to the ankles with special handles.

The current record was established by the Moscow SINNER group.The jump was made of a rope with a length of 230m, which they attached directly to the body. 

The highest object for bungee jumping is in China in the Macau Tower, which is 233m high.

For a bit less daring I suggest one of the bungee jumping types, so bungee-run, which consists in the strongest stretching of the elastic rope.

Everything takes place in an inflatable corridor and a protective helmet, which ensures safe ending of the game.

You can jump on a bungee in  several people.There are 3 types of rope length. Its length depends on the weight of the man. the thin keeps from 40 to 65 kg, average from 65 to 90 kg, and fat from 90 to 120 kg.

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