Emu animal.#3

This is flightless bird from Emu family. This animal lives on bushy steppes. Emu feeds in a small groups and is omnivore. It eats fruit, seeds or insects. It swallows small rocks.

Emu is very fast. It can run up to 50 km/h. In case of danger. It kicks its legs. It has double eyelids first for blinking, second for protection against the dust. Sometimes people call Emu “Living dinosaurs”. What is very interesting it can’t go backwards.

Emu is a big bird it is 1,8 m tall and weighs 30-40 kilograms. It has long black legs and black head. Its feathers are dirty white. Emu has a long neck.

Emu is as popular in Australia as a hen in our country. Do you know that Emu eggs must be boiled 45 minutes for soft or 1,5 hour for hard. Emu are friendly for people.

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