Famous Polish Powerlifters #2

Today I’ll introduce you to Jan Łuka. He’s 68 years old ,but he’s still strong. He has won Polish championship 18-th times. He beat Guinness’s record in Iron lift, doing 15 repetition in 3 minutes with 350 kg. He did a chin-up with added weight 105 kg. His the best powerlifting score is 800kg in 90kg category.

In 1992 he won European championship in Maromme in category 82,5kg. He did squat with 270 kg , bench press with 167,5 kg , deadlift with 290 kg. Score: 732,5kg.

In the same year he was vice winner on World championship in Derby in category 90kg. He did squat with 280kg, bench press with 177,5kg , deadlift with 310kg. Score: 767,5 kg.

He’s won World championships in bench press 5 times. The best score he has in 1996 in Pressbaum. He was in 90kg senior category. He pressed 222,5 kg. He was 47 and it was his last big achievement. 
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