Famous Polish Powerlifters #3

Hello! Now let’s introduce you to someone younger. Grzegorz Wałga ‘The Wagon’ is specialized in shirt bench press. He’s multiple Polish, European and World master. He’s from Cieszyn. He belongs to ‘Hałas Team Strzelin’ powerlifting club. He has got own youtube channel, where he is vlogging about he’s preparation to competitions. Also he’s grant in ‘KFD’ youtube channel, where he teach about bench press and vlogging too.

In 2016 he set a new record in all weights category. He did bench press with 365 kg.
2014: World master of WUAP federation in category 110 kg, he did bench press with 310kg. In same competiton but in category: absolute open he was second.

2015: He was second on World masters of WPC federaction category 125kg. He did the record of all weights, the biggest weight of Polish ever made – 352,5kg.

In November 2017 He did 400kg bench press on WPA World competition, but the approach was failed, because he don’t touch the chest. It was close!

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