Famous Polish Powerlifters #4

Good Morning! This is the last episode of this series. Sebastian Kot ‘Faceless’ was born on 16-th of December 1785. He’s From ‘Ruda Śląska’ town. He’s member of national team. He has bit record of Poland for 9 times. He has got own youtube channel, where he is vlogging about he’s preparation to competitions like Grzegorz Wałga. Also he’s grant in ‘KFD’ youtube channel, where he teach about Powerlifting and vlogging too.

He was second on World Championship in 2013 and he bit record of World in deadlift – 334kg.
He has been Master of Poland in powerlifting for 3 times.
He was second on Europe Championship in deadlift in Pilzno in 2015.
He is competing in ‘Strength Wars League 2k17’ competition as anonymous ‘Faceless’. He is reaching success. He is in Finals in Cologne. He has already won with Matt Syrovatka (Quarter Finals)

In December 2017 he won final fight with ‘Anabolic Horse’ Krasinsky and became Strength Wars Champion.
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