Hello everyone!!

Today I will introduce to you one of the extreme sport motocrossing. Everyone who practices it should have:

- a helmet that protects the all head
-google (some helmets are already equipped)
- special shoes
-suit (trousers + jacket)
- and of course motocross itself motocross should have a motor with a volume of 50 cm3 to 525 cm3. can not participate in road traffic-due to  lack of mirrors.

 It is right for driving on special tracks and to participate in motocross races. in which 40 participants take part.

Sports similar to motocrossing:

-Enduro-sport  consist on rides on the roads asphalt and muddy terrains. Enduro motorcycles are adapted to participate in road traffic.

Supermoto -this sport involves participation in races on asphalt surfaces as well as on kart and motocross track. On the fastest motorcycles.

-FMX- The motors used to practice this sport are adapted to perform tricks from ramps from 2.65 m to 3 m high,mostly thanks to strong shock absorbents.

See you later next time!

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