My Adventure with Powerlifting #1

Hi! In this series I’m going to talk about my training etc.                 
So, On 18-th of August I started ‘Bill Star 5x5’ training plan. It was very good. On 22-nd of October I did my best score. It was 90kg on the squat for 5 repetitions, 100kg deadlift for 5 repetitions and 77,5 kg bench press also for 5 repetitions. Then I was tired so I decided to rest a bit and change plan to more hypertrophy one. It was for a month, because I felt that I’m weak, so I need to come back with strength training. I was craze about ‘Waterbury Method’ training plan by Chad Waterbury. I’ve been training on it for 2 weeks, because the volume was too high and I couldn’t regenerate to next training session. On 16-th of December I backed to ‘Bill Star 5x5’ training plan, but I deconditioned it a bit, so I could equal strength proportion.
There is a video from this plan: