Hello Everyone

Today I will tell you about the slack-line.This sports discipline consists in walking and working various acrobatic tricks on lines between 2.5 cm and 5 cm wide between two points at a height of 1 m and above the ground. 

Slack-line was born in California. It all started with walking on chains surrounding parking lots and climbing ropes, then everything started to develop and more specialized ropes started to appear, as a result of which the rope was change for a flexible tape.

Slack-line divided into three different variant :

-Trick-line-is one of the most popular varieties because it does not require specialized equipment. The rope can be hung quite low and the tricks made for it look impressive and spectacular.

-Long-line -It is a transition on a loose tape suspended 1m above the ground. The longer the tape is, the harder go through it. The current Polish record established  by Rafał Kubiak is 410m.

-High-line-it is a spectacular transition of a rope suspended between two objects, e.g. trees, buildings, mountains.

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