Tasmanian Devil.#5

It is another species of marsupial living only on the Australian island called Tasmania. It is carnivore so it  eats only neat.

It is the size of a small dog. It is 652 mm tall and it weights about 8 kilograms. It is the biggest living carnivore marsupial in the world. This animal has muscular and stocky figure. It has black fur and characteristic scent Tasmanian Devil has big head and strong teeth. It  feeds on carcass. Tasmanian Devil have a white strap over the forepaws and tail.

It is a solidary animal but sometimes it eats with other Devils. This animal is active in the middle of the day. Devil can run very fast, climb trees and swim in rivers. Males are usually bigger then females.

I think this animal is sweet and have hypnotising eyes.

See you later next time!

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