What to wear: New Year’s Eve?

Favourite time in year, the biggest parties and perfect opportunity to wear something craaazy, just from Fashion Weeks. You don’t have to be afraid – no-holds-barred. 

1. Colour make your outfit special. It’s time to wear this yellow dress that you bought two years ago. Gold jacket? Emerald jumper? Perfect! You should think about red, electric pink or even navy lipstick. Really good idea!
2. Spangles and every clothes with gold or silver thread. It’s definitely time to shine! 
3. In your opinion gold dress is ‘too much’? Try tights in interesting design. Grid? Intensive colour? Stars? Elephants? I’m sure that you find something for you. 
4. Material! Velvet and velour are really trendy since last year. Let’s think. What about navy, velour mini  dress? In 100% it’s my choice for New Year’s Eve. 
5. Total look. Do you remember looks from this year’s Fashion Weeks? Every single thing in red or white. Example number 2 : everything velvet. I think it choice for somebody who is interesting I fashion. But of course – everybody can try everything.
6. Leave all your black clothes in wardrobe. Seriously! Black isn’t good for saying “goodbye” to 2017. It’s sad colour. New Year’s Eve isn’t sad at all. Easy. 
7. Blue eyelashes or eyeliner, red lipstick, glittery eyeshadow – you can create your look with amazing makeup. 

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