What to wear on Christmas Day?

As every year you want to look really great. But the question is HOW TO DO IT? You don't need a very special outfit - but there are some reguls. At first - you have to forget abot ripped boyfriend jeans, t-shirts with hilarious writing and of course about sweatsuits. Other thing - really, really elegent outfit is rather a bad idea. So... what will be OK for Christmas Eve?

1. Dress
If you choose smart dress and add gold, gentle jewelry - you will look amazing and what's more important elegant. But when we talk about dress there are some rules, too:
-there is no chance for low neckline
-you don't have to shine like first star on sky, so choose something in dark colours or something... red
-remember about lenght - mini isn't elegant at all
-choose dark or black tights

2. Elegant pants
Choice for girls who like comfort. If you known that you'll spend all this time running with kids - you should think about pants. Any reguls?
-choose a shirt in a contrast colour, you aren't a businesswomen (at least no at this moment) you don't have to afraid of colours
-think about jacket, but in completely different colour than pants - don't create something like a suit - you will look boring

Of course it's just a really small part of things you can choose to look great. Propositions from this post are really simple and because of that - classic. Remember about acccessories. They can make your outfit more elegant. Stylization in 50% is dependent on scarfs, jewelry, colour of lipstick and of course - smile on your mouth. 


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