Wing-suit flying

Hello everyone

Today i will tell you little bit about Wing-suit flying.This sport there since when invented a special suit without which him this sport couldn't be practiced.

This sport to depends on reducing the speed of fall, which allows the jumper to glide in the air.
For practicing this sport we will need a special costume which price is 2,000 PLN at best.

It is still needed also need a parachute, a helmet and an altimeter that I've already mentioned when discussing parachuting but despite good equipment, just same it is important to prepare for the first flight.

Volunteers need to be  for patience because the first individual flight need at least 200 flights made in the last 18 months and the course.

It is also needful to have a parachutist license, the cost of which is 5000 PLN.

In 2012, American jumper Gary Connery made the first jump in Wing-suite without parachute in history. 

He jumped from the plane and after enough a long to soar he landed on the stack of cartons.

See you later next time!
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