Activites and bodies

Sport like running, swimming or riding a bike have only postitive impact for health. If joints work well, you don't have a contraindicating to be active. Motion outside has innumerable physical benefits, incluging prevent common illness like flu.

Running help: avoid weight gain, stay flexible for a long time, clear mind and get rid of stress.
Swimming can help people who want to lose weight. It impoves health of heart, lungs and blood vessels.It also can be a form of mental therapy for people with psychological disorders and depression. Contact with water means burnning calories quick and very easily.
Some risk is involved with participating in sports. Modern intensity activites are more dangerous beside swimming or cycling. Someone who is obese shouldn't try to negotiate a marathon without lead-up or warming-up exercises. People with obesity should at the be gining try sport with not high pace for example nordic walking.

 Think about your body in the future. Start running or playing footbal. Ever of all activites has advantages and disadvantages. If you don't move more than 30 minutes a few times in a week, you'll be ill, and miserable.

Your Maggie.
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