Before it happened

Hi guys! I am writing this one, because I want to tell you a bit more before I start full steam ahead.

In my earlier post I told you I’m going to write about an adventure. So what exactly was that ? Maybe some of you thought that I flew to the moon or something like this, but…No.

I was a part of project called “Blue School”. It was 2 months cruise from Szczecin to the Canary Islands. It sounds like nothing special till you know that the ship crew was composed mostly of teenagers. There were only a few adults. After long and complicated recruitment I get in! From my point of view it was like winning the lottery.

I was really scared but excited. There was the most dangerous and the most amazing adventure of my life before me. Finally came the day of embarkation. I packed my bags and want to the place where ‘Fryderyk Chopin’ was waiting. It was the best day of my life!

That’s all for today. Till the next time!

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