Extreme water sports #1 Surfing

Hello everyone!

Surfing is the best extreme sport for all who keen on water and waves.Modern people think that the Polynesians have started surfing practice because they have done very well with water.After arriving in Hawaii, the indigenous people of Polynesia brought with them all the traditions and practice of swimming on boards.

Surfing is the longest possible floating on a sea wave in a standing position. The best effect can be elicit on coastal waves and those that reach a length cross five meters.To do this sport, you need a special board about eight feet long. 

Surfing has its easier variation:

body-board -discipline in which it is much easier to keep the balance on the board, which is smaller than the one for surfing. Instead of standing on 
her, you can lie down or sit down, which will allow us to freely use our hands and legs as a drive and this will help us to catch up with the sea wave.

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