Extreme water sports #2 Kite-surfing

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For kite-surfing you need a special kite that is attached  with a rope to the kite-surfer costume. This sport must take place with a favorable wind. Another important thing is the board, which should have a length of 1 to 2 meters. 

These boards have a low displacement and are divided myself on several types. The most popular type is the Twin-tip allows you to swim in two directions. The second most popular is the directional board has special stripes, thanks to which the board easily touch to the kit-surfer feet, it is adapted to racing in competitions. 

A kite-surfing kite can range from a few to over twenty square meters. He is responsible for the speed with which we move. Of course, there are several types of kites. The best is to convert IDS because it is good for both beginners and advanced Kit-surfers. 

It is safe and stable. The Kit-surfing record was set by the Polish kit-surfer
Victor Borsuk, who decided to use kite-surfing equipment in conjunction with a car driving on the beach, thanks to which he gained a lot of power and climbed to a record height of 68 m.

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