Extreme water sports #3 Windsurfing

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Windsurfing is a water sport that we cultivate with a board to which a special sail made of double-layered polyester film is attached. Windsurfing is one of the sailing disciplines performed at the Olympic Games. From 2016, Polish sailors Małgorzata Białecka and Piotr Myszka won the gold medal in competitions held in Rio de Janeiro. Windsurfing has many different varieties. I decided to choose the most popular and interesting ones.

Freestyle - consists in performing various tricks on the board. This is a very old variation of windsurfing, which with the appearance of lighter and more agile boards has become more and more popular.

Formula-Racing Regatta is the fastest variation of windsurfing. It takes place with strong and weak winds. The equipment is chosen by the participant, the only condition is compliance with the rules of Formula and ISAF.

Super X - is a discipline that has recently gained popularity. It is a combination of Freestyl and slalom competition. The race is very similar to the slalom route, except for the 60 cm buoy, which you need to jump over, there are also areas in the route where the player must perform the appropriate maneuver.

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