Extreme winter sports #1 Snowboarding

Hello everyone

Snowboarding is impossible to practice without snow. It's a bit like surfing. This sport discipline supports riding on snow-covered slopes and performing various maneuvers on a snowboard. This discipline is divided into several different styles:

As in the case of Windsurfing, we have the Freestyle-which involves performing the most spectacular maneuvers. The basic trick that is the basis of most maneuvers is olie.

Free-ride - is based on the following paths designated for it. This is the most dangerous style because you never know what the downhill will look like. And because of the lack of trampled snow it will be difficult to get the speed.

Snowcross - is a race on the route with obstacles. Participation is played by six players, the fastest of which goes to the next stage.

Alpine snowboarding - based on the fastest possible ride on the designated slope and participation in races.

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