First steps

I finally took first steps on deck and right from the start I had to began working.

The ship was still under renovation and stand in port so me and my new friends had time to calmly learn something. Well, that’s what I was thinking but I was wrong. Everything was happening really fast.

 As first I was chosen to help in galley (kitchen). I’ve never seen so many dishes to wash before! It was really long day but I was glad that I had it behind me. At night, exactly at 4 o’clock, I had my first watch. I was excited.

Next day whole crew had to move 4 tons of food from a lorry to the ship. It took us almost all day but.. Nobody said that it’s going to be easy.

On third day I had a lot of training courses about how to climb the yards, how I should behave in dangerous situations and of course about whole those strange names of lines and sails.

After all ‘Fryderyk Chopin’ ceremoniously swam out its homeport – Szczecin and my adventure started full steam ahead.

That’s all for today. Till next time!
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