Introducing me

My name is Julia and I just want to say hello to you, because since today I started to write on this blog.  I’m almost 16 years old and I’m in the last year at secondary school.                                            

Everybody says I’m distracted and I must agree. I’m always hurry and always late. I love spending my free time with friends on talking and laughing a lot. They are pretty crazy just like me.                             

I like learning about new things and meeting new people. I hate boredom. I like when there’s much happening, but as same as everyone else I need time for rest. When I’m alone in my room I’m keen on listening to music and watching series.

I’ve never really been into dolls and all these girls stuff. I’ve always wanted an adventure and so it happened. That’s what I’m going to write about. Some kind of diary of the most exiting experience of my lifetime...

What was that? You'll know soon! 

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