Kitchen essentials

In every kitchen there are basic products. Without them you can't prepare delicious meal.
Below I set the 3-bacterial properties and  must haves in spices. Herbs can completely change taste. Just a pinch of lovage'll enamour your partner. In India kitchen doesn't exist dish with no spices. People in country in South Asia loves to piquance. This is the reason why their diet are colorful and spicy.

1. Pepper 
Black, white, green or red every kind has the good influence for are health. The first contains anti-bacterial properties, stimulates running the gastro system and relieves indigestion.
You can add it to the savoury dishes, spinkle it on sandwich. Whole black pepper grain is a perfect seasoning in soups.

2. Chili
Chili is a great sour of antioxidants and minerals e.g pottasium, manganese, magnesium and iron.
This fruit has got similiar properties as black pepper, but there is a one thing which is diffrent.
Chillies are very spicy and many people don't accept that herb on plate.

3. Parsley
Parsley is rich in nutrients like chlorophyll. It helps to cleanse the kidneys, liver and blood.
Green tonic from this herb can be helpful for dull and rough hair.
Chop parsley leaves and sprinkle it on meals to look awesome.


A little bit of spices can diametriacally change flavour in your dishes. Prepered  herbals mix contain to much salt and unnecessary fats. I've got better idea to cook tasty. Experiment in your kitchen, find perfect seasoning. 

Your Maggie.
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