Little Penguin.#7

Little penguin is the smallest species of penguin and is 40 centimeter tall. It lives on the shores of Australia. this penguin is a flightless bird. It has black-blue-white feathers and dark eyes. this bird has bright red feet and black beak.

This animal likes swimming in the ocean. Little penguins eat only fish, cephalopods and shellfish. Its enemies are mammals for example dogs and cats. This animal weights 1,1 kilograms. penguins incubate eggs for five weeks. Small penguins leave the nest after eight weeks. This animal is not in danger of extinction.

Penguin is a very inquisitive bird. This animal can jump out of the water on two meters. Penguin can jump on a boat of a sailor or scientest and look at him. In my opinion this animal is very cute and intelligent.

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