This animal is a mammal and it is oviparous. Platypus are simillar to reptiles. They are one of the strangest creatures. They are the most popular animals in the Australia. Platypus leads an amphitheater lifestyle. It lives in south-eastern Australia.

This animal has similar beak to a duck. Platypus has soft skin and flat tail. It has mambrans between fingers so that it is a good swimmer. Platypus is the only mammal that has a poison spike. This prick is not fatal to people but only smaller animals.

It has brown fur and navy blue fat beak. This animal is very strong and dangerous. Platypus stories fat in the tail. Platypus is 45-60 centimeter tall. This animal is 1-2,5 weights kilograms. Platypus eats only meat for example shellhish, shrimps and larvas. This animal is the mascot of regional events.

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