Schedule of meals

Most of us have problem with eating in the morning. It hoes very hard when you have to wake up at 5 o'clock and have enough energy for making a breakfast. I've found out how to start a day with a relish.

First step is planning your all day.
Find about 20 minutes for each meal. Remember you should eat at the same time. Your body will adapt to new habits.
Second step - forget about popular myth 'Have supper at 6-7 o'clock, not later'.
For example if you go sleep in the midnight that means being without meal 5 hours.
Better way is having a snack 2-3 h before go to sleep. This ritual can avoid being hungry and binge eating.
Third step is having friendly atmosphere around. Stay positive ale celebrate formal dinner with family or friends.

I hope my tips will be helpful. 
Your Maggie
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