The Greatest trends from 80s

Today I'm gonna tell you about the most popular trends from past. Kitch or art? Let's see. 

1. Mini skirts

Girls and... women loved them. Strong colours and diffrents materials. Perfect with high heels or very popular in 80s Reebok shoes. Often wearing with pair of leggins (in other neon colour). 

2. Oversized Tops

For example sweaters, sweatshirts and T-shirts in really big size. Hot with miniskirts or leggins. It's extremely popular today, too. We can wear oversize sweaters all time - it's really comfortable. 

3. Leg Warmers

Something that I can't understand. Wearing them don't have many sense. They were very popular with leggins. Rather sport style, but girls wore them with high heels, too.

4. Madonna style

80s was time of fashion icon. Madonna is one of them. She was an inspiration to many people. Bodysuit, high-waisted jeans, pearls. It's a small part of thing that she made popular. 

5. Neon outfits

Neon colours is my first think about 80s. Fuchsia was extremely popular. Dresses, jackets or even trousers. All clothes in one, neon colour? Why not?! 80s were totally crazy :)

Thank you for your time. 


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