Trends for 2018 (1)

1. Colours

Forget navy and grey, it’s time for pastels and… intensive colours. This year you should forget about flowers on dark background. Good news: red stay with us!

2. Plastic

Remember transparent ankle boots? This trend is back! Plastic and transparency are really strong trend. For example Chanel presented polymer coats – perfect for rainy spring. But I have to say- it’s  for brave people who loves fashion.

3.  Shell suits

Do you remember kitschest trends from 80s? Crazy colours, funky materials. If you think that some trend from 80s is literally awful – you  can be sure that it will be really strong trend in the future. Why? You have to ask designers. Shell suit but this time is more than tracksuit – Gucci offer shell suit like daily wear.

4. Denim

Designers again move us to 70s and 80s. Total looks, really dark colours. Denim in 2018 can make our outfit flawless and (in Vouge opinion) luxury. 

First part of  2018 trends. Maybe too extremal for daily look. But for days in Warsaw or London – perfect! Maybe photographer take you some photos and you will see them in Vogue! Never say never. Next time I’m going to tell you about more daily trends. So until next time!


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