Trends for 2018 (2)

Today I’m going to tell you about daily trends for 2018. ‘Daily’ means things that we can  wear every second day for school or work.

1.Total look
Trend from last season. Thousands bloggers love outftits which are in 100%  in one colour. For example Jemerced loves red. For ‘normal’ day we can wear all  in white or all in grey. 

2. Trenchcoat
Something really classic that every woman  must have in  her wardrobe. Perfect with jeans or elegant dress.Parisians favourite type of coat. 

3. Country garden
Flowers, flowers and… again flowers. Small and on light background. This pattern will look great on dresses, skirts and shirts. 

4. Checkmate

Usually the best pattern for autumn, but this year will be loved in spring and summer. You should take checkered shirt out if you have it. Simple look – favourite jeans and that shirt. Maybe trench as a coat in this outfit? Think about it! 

5. Oversize
Things in bigger size than yours are still very trendy. I’m sure that you have t-shirts and sweatshirts in XXL size. Something really comfort and perfect for common days. In my imagination I see grey oversize t-shirt, boyfriend jeans and leather jacket. Cool for evening in town!

It’s everything today. As you can see – most of these trends are from previous years. In January I want to post about 2018 years. In next week: ‘out’ trends.  Thank you for your attention – until next time.


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