Trends that aren't invited to 2018

Week ago I told you about best trends for 2018 (HERE). Today I'm gonna tell you about "out" trends.

1. Corset

In last season we can wear corset with everything. For example t-shirt or even sweatshirt. Corset could make your outfit more special and trendy. Not this year.

2. Bomber jacket

We could wear this jacket with literally everything. Perfect for elegant and sport looks. This time we have to forget about this type of jacket. Bomber jacket isn't chic like (the most trendy in this season) trench.

3. Millennial pink in total look

One of bloggers (and mine) favourite colors. So what's wrong? This kind of pink is pastel and we associate it with candy and cotton candy. Something for little girls, not for elegant women.

4. Pom-poms

First idea - basket bag with colourful pom-poms. Do you remember sweatshirts in this style? This trend is "out" and I'm happy about it.

5. Logos

Gucci t-shirts was extremely popular last spring and summer. We had Levi's logo, too. In 2018 we have to forget about big logos and writings. We are going to wear simple t-shirts - it sounds good to me.

Until next time :)


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