What did I take?

If I could pack my bags once again I would do it such a different way. I took so many, as it turned out later, unnecessary things but there were even more things I didn’t take.
As on every long journey in my suitcase there were underwear, shoes etc. I took definitely too many clothes and cosmetics. On the ship there was a washing machine so then I needed only a few things. I was worried that 2 months it’s a long time so 1 liter of hair shampoo won’t be enough but it was REALLY too much.

I can keep writing a whole day about things that could save my life if only I had it on the ship. At first -  jelly. It’s the best food ever when you’re sea sick. Next thing is milk for sure. There was milk on ship of course but only for coffee and sometimes for breakfast. Funny thing but everybody misses milk. I wish I had a blanket there. When I had watch in night at North Sea blanket was a lifesaver but unfortunately me and my friends had one blanket for 8 people.. Last thing I tell you about is net for clothes washing. I lost so many socks… 

Well, I learnt on my mistakes. See you soon!

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