This is a marsupial from wombat family. This animal has grey fur. It lives in south-estern Australia. Wombat is in danger of extinction despire huntig for them.

This animal is 73-118 centimeters tall. Wombat is 20-35 weights kilograms. This animal gives birth to one young at a time. It lives on the deserts and along the forests. One wombat has about ten dens. This animal likes to blask in the sun.

This animal has strong and long claws. Wombat eats only plants for example grass, roots and leaves from tree and bushes. their teeth grou all their lives becouse they are abrasive. Young wombats livein the bags and feed on their mother`s milk.

Wombat is similar to a badger. This animal has small ears and black eyes. Wombat has short legs and massive body. This animal is very fast and can run at speed of 40 kilometers for hours. Wombat is very agressive.

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