World Famous Powerlifters #1

Welcome! Today I’ll introduce you to Kirill Sarychev. He’s from Russia. He was born on the first of January 1989 in Pugachev. He began his adventure with powerlifting when he was 15 years old. He has many World, European records in all three lifts, especially in bench press. In November 2015 he beat the world record in raw bench press, lifting 335kg.

In 2010 he was competing in Battle of Champions in Arkhangelsk. In this event there was two raw lifts – deadlift and benchpress. He was competing in both. He did deadlift with 320kg and Sarychev placed 5th. He did bench press with 300kg for the first time, he placed first. After the event he focused on bench press.

In 2014 in same competition he did 326kg bench press, he was second, because other competitor did with 1,5kg more.

In 2015 at the SN PRO Cup of bench press and deadlift, Sarychev benched 330kg in second attemp, beating world record by 2,5kg. On the third attempt he did 335kg bench press. He was weighting 172,9kg at the moment.
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