World Famous Powerlifters #3

Welcome! Benedikt Magnússon is Icelandic powerlifter and professional strongman. He was born on 4th of june 1983. He’s 183cm tall he’s the strongest Icelandic. On 30th December 2007 he got marriage with Gemma Taylor. She is master of Great Britain in Strongwoman. They have one child. Benedikt have been master of Iceland in Strongman for free times (in 2003, 2006, 2007). He was competing twice on elite competition called ‘Arnold Strongman Classic’.

When he was 17 years old, he hurt his spine. Then he was workouting to improve his back. His trainer advise him to do a deadlift. He started with 120kg, then he jumped to 180kg. He was weighting 140kg, because the injury cripple him.

He’s diet is 300g of protein in fluids only. The rest he is using ‘see-food’ diet. That mean he is eating all what he see.

In 2005 he beat WPO world record in deadlift. He lifted 440kg in Helsinki. On the World Deadlift Championships at Europe’s strongest man 2016 he did 465kg deadlift to equal record set by Eddie Hall. Then Eddie was first person who lifted 500kg. Benedikt was trying to this weight too, but he failed.
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