World Famous Powerlifters #4

Hello! Today I’ll introduce you to Robb Philippus. He’s from United States of America. He started his adventure with powerlifting in march of 2014. Strength training was part of his life due to wrestling, football. He beat all-time record in raw squat with 418,5kg.

He’s first total was 954kg in the super heavy weight division weighting 158kg. He did 383kg squat, 231kg bench press and 336kg deadlift. In 7 months he added over 100kg to his total. In October 2014 he was competing in USPA federation in Springfield, Missouri. He did squat with 427kg, bench press with 261,5kg and deadlift with 364 kg. Total 1052,5kg.

In January 2016 he was competing in the USPA American cup at the Los Angeles Fit Expo. He broke the 450kg barrier and did 451,5 squat.

He was competing in  CETS US Open 2017 with total 1118,5kg. He did 468,5kg squat, 264,5kg bench press and 374,5kg deadlift.
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