5 Myths Diet

People is afraid of new things. They don't like to change their customs. I know it and I understand this. But there is a ten thigs that I can't listen. Someone who has never been on a diet complains ' Diet will do you in '.

The most popular myths about healthy living.
1.Small, frequent meals boosts your metabolism.
Refutation : Some food, including this with caffeine may slighty increase your metabolism. But this effect is too small to help you lose weight without exercises.

2.To lose weight you should cut you calories drastically.
Refutation: Long term diets gives you satisfying effects. With 1.200 calories a day you will take off weight. and impare your health.

3.Eating fat makes you fat.
Refutation: The previous post explains that fats in proper dose are necessary. Body needs carbs, proteins, vitamins, minerals and FATS ! Especially women must remember about it.

4.Pasta makes you fat.
Refutation: Pasta in moderation is harmless. This myths coined true pasta lover who eats it to everyday. Pasta is much calorific than rice and potatos so we can pile it on amount.

5. Brown sugar is healthier than white.
Refutation: In post about sweetners I didn't mention that...

Thanks for reading.
Your Maggie

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