Australian Gannet.#13

This is a big sea bird in sulidea family. This bird lives on the shores o Australia.

The adult bird has white feathers on the whole body and black feathers on the wings. Australian Gannet has a yellow head and blue eyes. The beak is white. These birds have their habitat on the neighboring islands of Australia. This animal is under protection.

It eats for example squids and small fish that float on the surface of the water. This animal is 80-90 centimeter tall. Australian Gannet is weights about four kilograms. This bird has wings about 170 centimeter long.

Australian Gannet forming big colonies on the cliffs. This bird builds nest of seaweeds. The famale lays only one egg. this egg is incubated by both parents for 43-45 days. Young birds at the beginning have gray feathers.

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