Australian Turtle. #10

It is a turtle from sea turtle family. It is a medium reptile. This animal lives in the north Australia. This turtle is a sea animal and likes staying in the shallow waters maximum deph 20 metres. Its food is shellfish, gellyfish and corals. This animal is rather medium about 80 centimeter long and it weights about 70-90 kilograms.

This turtle has got four legs. Front are wide and like fins, back are reduced and they are like rudder. On the front paws it has got one claw. Its shell is made of bony plates. Its head is quite big and cann't be put into the shell completly. the shell and head can be grey or dive green.

This animalis in danger of extinction becouse of human activity for example crude oil and petrol leaking. Australian dwellers use this animal in the food industry, they eat its meat and eggs.

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