Breakfast for pickers

You don't like eating breakfast ? Maybe you outsleep ? Or you just looking ideas ? 
Check recipes, beacuse this easy and fast meals are going to set you up. 

Pumpkin Granola Yogurt
In a small container ( glass or bowl) plain 3 tablespoons of Geek yogurt and then on it make a thick layer of canned pumpkin puree. The last things is handful of granola, seasoning with cinamonn and yogurt like in the picture.


 Banana Peanut Putter Chia Pudding 
All you need is one medium banana, 4 tablespoons of chia seeds, 1 tablespoons of 
peanut butter, and milk to make a perfect consistence. Add all ingredients into bowl, mix it well. Then leave it in fridge to combine pudding overnight. This is so yummy!

Berry and Yogurt Smoothie
Here is a simple and delicious for the morning rush. Blend frozen berries, banana with Geek yogurt. If you want  use other ingredients like strawberries with rasberries. Add into smoothie a little bit of coconut water, milk or juice if it is too thick. 

Thanks for reading. Your Maggie
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