Cassowary. #11

This animal lives in the north-east Australia. Cassowary is animal in the bird family. It can't fly but it can swim very well. It can be very agressive during the fight cassowary can jump very high about 1,5 meters.

This animal eats plants is 100-170 centimeter tall. This animal weights 40-58 kilograms. Cassowary has black feathers and a blue-red neck. This animal has massive legs on the top of the head has a yellow grey tip. It has black eyes and long beak.

This animal eat plants and small animals. Cassowary has a lonely lifestyle. It protects its hobitat actively. These animals lay 2-8 eggs and the male takes carre of them.

This bird is probably the most dangerous animal in the world. This animal can kick witch its massive legs which have sharp claws. Cossowaries can eat poisonous fruit which can be toxic for other animals.

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