Copenhagen on the horizon

Before us there was new challenge – cruise from Świnoujście to Copenhagen. It was our first long way , because it took 3 days. 

Everything we did was new and difficult . The most important thing was teamwork.  The ship had to move and it was all up to our teenage crew. Sometimes it was hard to keep discipline but everybody was doing their best and that’s why we make it, together.

During the cruise the biggest challenge was to learn the name of every rope on a ship. If somebody don’t make it, can’t go ashore.

On the way, for the first time,  we saw other ships and even wind farms.

When we arrived we went sightsee. A capitol of Denmark was fascinating. We saw symbols of Copenhagen: a royal castle and a statue of little mermaid. Even though it was amazing, I remembered starlight at open see the most…

See you soon!
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