Day on the ship

Hi everybody!

You know how a typical day looks like: you wake up, go to school, go back home, eat, do homework and sleep. Sometimes it can be a bit boring. When you’re on a ship everyday seems to  be the same, but it’s definitely not true.

Whole ship is waking up at the same time - half past 7- because of the ringing alarm all over the deck. At 8 o’clock there is a ceremonial assembly and raising up the flag. Then - breakfast and everybody do their duties. Someone is helping mechanic , another one do the cleaning. It is important to share responsibilities when you’re on a ship. 

 There are school lessons of course , but hardly ever “homework”. There are also days without school – just working on a ship.

Day on a sea isn’t strictly planned and you never know what to expect. In every moment there can be sail alarm. Sometimes when you’re sleeping , sometimes when you taking a shower.. Life one a ship is strongly connect to weather , but I like surprises

That’s all for today. Bye guys!
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