Eastern Quoll. #12

This is a mammal from dasyuromorphia family. This animal lives in the north east Australia eastern Quoll is simillar toa cat. This animal is 40-45 centimeter tall. It weights 0,5-1 kilograms.

Eastern Quoll has short and soft fur. Tail is 21-30 centimeter long. This animal has grey fur with white spots and black eyes. It has light pink nose and four feet. It has white stomach. This animal has four fingers in the back and five in the front paws.

This animal lives in the forests and meadows. Eastern Quoll builds nests. It has a singht life mode. It is a meat eater and eats small mammals and birds. Eastern Quoll has strong teeth. This animal removes pets for example mice and insects. It can attac chickens and  small farm animals.

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